Summer of the Griz: The seniors

Kate Wilkins recently attended the US Track and Field Olympic Trials

Kate Wilkins recently attended the US Track and Field Olympic Trials

July 6, 2012

With America's summer holiday this week, we started wondering: How does a Division I soccer player spend her summer? The defending Big Sky Conference champions checked in recently with all the details. The six-player senior class wraps up the series.

The biggest difference between Monday's and Tuesday's entries and Friday's? You'll notice summers that are less about sun, water and relaxation and more about future careers, with the underlying sense that this is the senior class's final season and that soccer is life. Okay, maybe that was only Erin Craig's entry.

Lauren Costa, an accounting and finance major, has been working afternoons as part of Governor Schweitzer's Energy Intern program, Kristen Hoon, a biology major, spent time in Alaska on a biology-related project, and Kate Wilkins, a marketing major, traveled to Italy for a study-abroad opportunity.

Ashley Tombelaine reports she is exceedingly happy after watching her favorite basketball (Miami Heat) and soccer (Spain) teams win the NBA and Euro 2012 championships. In her spare time, Tombelaine also cheers for Exxon-Mobile, Microsoft and Wal-Mart to be successful.

Lauren Costa (Senior, defender, Missoula, Mont.)

I have been staying busy during the first month and a half of summer. A group of us has been working hard together running our intervals and lifting three times a week Then in the afternoons I work on my internship as part of Governor Schweitzer's Energy Intern program. I am doing secondary research with another intern to find existing studies of how energy sources such as coal, oil, wind, solar, hydro, etc. affect the economy by boosting jobs and helping local businesses. I was lucky enough to land the internship through Travis Greenwalt, a Griz basketball alum who was in my dad's class as a student. Also, I recently started a five-week online class, Children's Communication. Hopefully by the end of it I can have a nice conversation with my four-year-old niece.



Erin Craig (Senior, forward, Great Falls, Mont.)

The summer definitely had a rocky start for me. The first weekend after finals I was playing pick-up soccer and ended up spiral-fracturing my fibula. I was fortunate enough to not have to get surgery, but it was obviously still hard for me to take. Here are some of the things I've learned from this experience so far. 1) You can still juggle with one leg sitting down (I am at 152). 2) Watching soccer is the next best thing to playing it. 3) The stationary bike can only be enjoyable if it's the only thing you can do (I hate it). 4) You will see a big improvement in your arm strength (beat Costa in the bench press, first time all year). 5) Realizing how important this sport is in my life (missing a huge piece of me without it). As much as I've hated being hurt these past few months, injury is a part of the game. I consider myself lucky that it happened early in the summer and always keep in mind that it could be worse. Preseason is quickly approaching, and the Griz girls are looking ready. With continued refinement of my leg I can say in confidence: I will come back stronger, and I will be ready. #Griz4Life

Kristen Hoon (Senior, goalkeeper, Corona, Calif.)

This summer I went home to California to see my sister, Melissa, graduate with her master's degree in American studies from Cal State Fullerton. I crocheted a lot of headbands with my grandma during my visit. I road-tripped with my other sister, Shannon, to Montana, and we stopped to camp and hike at Zion National Park. I went to Thorne Bay, Alaska, for a week to volunteer for a PhD student studying at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks. I had the opportunity to work with fawns, and in the afternoons I was able to fish a ton! Now I am in Missoula for the remainder of the summer working out and lifting with the girls in town and refereeing soccer for Missoula Parks and Rec.

Lauren McCreath (Senior, midfielder, Boise, Idaho)

This summer I traveled to California to watch my cousin graduate from high school. We spent five days with my family who we don't get to see very often. After the trip, I came back to Missoula where I have been working odd jobs and running with my teammates who are in town. My summer hasn't been too eventful but luckily EURO 2012 has been playing on ESPN all month, so I have been going to the Press Box every day to watch the games with some teammates and my coaches.

Ashley Tombelaine (Senior, midfielder/forward, Snohomish, Wash.)

My summer has been a relaxing one. I've kept myself busy by spending a lot of my time at home with family and friends. I have been doing a lot of yoga, and it is becoming something that I really like to do regularly. I have loved watching the NBA playoffs and Euro Cup. Being a Miami Heat fan, it was so exciting to watch them win their way to a championship, and I'm hoping Spain will continue to win in the Euro Cup! I took a trip back to Missoula for a weekend early in June to move in with Costa. I think it will be a very fun living arrangement, and I can't wait to be back! (In late June) I am traveling to Florida to visit family, and I am desperately hoping to get lucky enough to somehow run into LeBron James while in Miami. And once I get back to Snohomish, I'm straight off to Missoula to work soccer camps and get some workouts in with my teammates. And of course I can't wait to float the Clark Fork and enjoy a beautiful Missoula summer until my final season of Griz soccer kicks off!

Kate Wilkins (Senior, defender, Eugene, Ore.)

I started off my summer by going to the Sasquatch Music Festival at the Gorge Amphitheater on Memorial Day weekend with my teammate Maddey Frey, which was a lot of fun. Then a couple days after that I left the country for Brescia, Italy, to partake in a two-week study-abroad program with 10 other UM students to create a marketing distribution plan for a local winery. I stayed another week in Italy to visit Venice, Florence and Rome with my best friend from back home, and now I am back in my hometown of Eugene to watch the Olympic Track and Field Trials with my dad. I can't wait to get back to Missoula in the beginning of July, where I will spend the rest of my summer working out with (soccer strength and conditioning coach Charlie Woida) and my teammates. Go Griz!

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