Q&A with Sean Haynes


Oct. 12, 2012

Sean Haynes is a redshirt sophomore from Los Angeles, Calif. The wide receiver is competing for a starting berth this season. In the home game against the University of South Dakota, Haynes had five receptions. As a senior in high school, he had 30 receptions for 610 yards and five touchdowns. Also, Haynes was an all-conference track star.

How does it feel to be starting as a wider receiver for the Griz?

Being the starting receiver was my initial aspiration in the off-season. Now that that aspiration has been reached after countless practices and the hardships of fall camp, I've realized simply playing is the most important thing to me. This can consist of starting, being a part of the second string of receivers or even being the one to give the players like Mitch Saylor or Ellis Henderson a "spell" when they've played too long.

What are you expectations for yourself this season? 

I expect to continue to improve on my craft such as making contested and easy catches, blocking who I am supposed to block with correct technique and playing unselfish football.

What do you think is your biggest strength as wide receiver?

I think my biggest strength as a wide receiver is my "strength" and being strong in accordance with the game, which has ultimately helped me have success in getting off the line of scrimmage on man coverage and more importantly my perimeter blocking.

What would you like to improve on?

I would like to improve on simply being more consistent play-to-play. Our position coach Shalon Baker calls it "staying even-keeled". If I make a spectacular catch on one play, I want to be able to make the same exact play virtually every time. This of course applies to blocking in the same respects.



If you weren't wide receiver, what position would you love to play? Why?

I'd want to be a safety just to transition from a receiver who takes the hits to the one who delivers the hits.

Was there a moment while playing high school ball that made you think about pursuing playing college football?

I've wanted to play college football long before high school even started. In grade school I always had dreams of becoming a USC Trojan, but once high school came around, finding the school/program that best fit overall was what I truly wanted.

Do you have a pre-game routine?

I listen to music with no words and instrumentals to help retain focus and ease my nerves a little bit. But generally I listen to these songs in this order:

  • I Don't Like - Chief Keef
  • Pyramids- Frank Ocean
  • Your Hand in Mine- Explosions in the Sky
  • The Only Moment Were Alone- Explosions in the Sky
  • Strobe- Deadmu5

What is your favorite sports memory?

Scoring my first touchdown pass as a sophomore in high school.

What was the biggest adjustment you had to make when you moved to Montana from California?

I'm sure most people already know the answer to this question even before I respond. As cliché as it may sound, the weather was probably the most significant adjustment I had to make. I mean, how can someone be used to being cold to the point where it hurts?!

What are the challenges of being a college football player?

School alone can be very tasking and demanding. Football is that in every aspect as well. Balancing schoolwork, football and leisure is probably the single most difficult challenge for any collegiate athlete, as it is for me.

What is the most rewarding part of playing for the Griz?

The most rewarding part about playing for the Griz is being a part of something greater than yourself or any one person for that matter.  "Once a Griz always a Griz" is something that older graduates and players preach to us. It's rewarding to simply know that I am and will always be a part of a nation and winning tradition that is the Montana Grizzlies.

What do you like to do outside of football?

Go to dinner with my family when they come and visit for a game, float the river and go to the movies.

What has been the hardest class you have taken at UM?

Math 115 (Probability & Linear Math). I had a tutor and still struggled!

Do you have a role model? If yes, who?

I don't have just one role model unfortunately, but I definitely have a top few. Three on-the-field role models I still look up to and try to replicate in a way are ex-Grizzlies: Antwon Moutra, Jabin Sambrano and CJ Atkins. I couldn't have been more fortunate to have these three upperclassmen as teammates coming in as a freshman. They all brought something different to the table.  Jabin was the "playmaker" and living proof that speed truly kills. Any jump ball thrown to C.J. was his and no one else's. He just had so much raw talent that to this day the receiver crew now even talks about him. Last but not least, Antwon Moutra or "Mr. Third Down" as some people may know him wasn't the fastest receiver we had, but his overall knowledge of the game was what separated him from many. He always knew how to get open because he always knew the defense's coverage or where the chains were. I have and still admire all of these characteristics and try to incorporate them into everything I am doing now.

Who is your favorite athlete?

Larry Fitzgerald

What's your favorite football team?

The Packers

Who has helped you the most with your football career?

My father is solely responsible for the success I've had in my football career, besides my lovely mother that has taken me to nearly every practice I have ever had! I've been playing full-padded football since I was a third grader, and he has been a part of seeing that I reach my goals in the sport every step of the way from Pop Warner to high school and now in the collegiate level.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

That is completely undecided to me. I'm currently in school trying to find that one thing I know I can pursue and have a successful career in.

Why did you pick your major?

My major is communication, and I picked my major because ironically I'm good at talking. It may come off as being obnoxious at times, but I just know really just don't mind public speaking much.

So we all know that you are a talented wide receiver, but do you have a hidden talent that would be unexpected to most people?

I can dance a little bit!

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