A letter to GSA members and Griz Nation

April 6, 2012

GSA members:

We've heard from our football team. For those who haven't read the team's letter, please click here. It is an absolutely inspiring letter from a group of young men who could be despondent, assessing blame, feeling sorry for themselves and quitting in the face of news no one expected or could fathom. They are indeed on the front line and yet, in the face of every imaginable obstacle, they chose to do what Grizzlies do -- they are stepping up, meeting the challenge and in the process they are in effect challenging Griz fans such as us to continue to carry out our side of the bargain. Now they need to hear from us and other members of Griz Nation that we remain committed to them, the University of Montana Athletic Department, Coach Delaney and his assistants, and, of course, all the student-athletes at UM.

Answers will come over time as to the how and why of what happened. None of that is pertinent to what we should do and have always done -- continue to support the University's athletic program of which we are so proud by providing the type of financial support necessary to help these student-athletes excel as they always do and support them vocally when they compete. We can start now with our ticket orders and GSA pledges. Even more than that, we can fill Washington-Grizzly Stadium on Saturday, April 14, at 6 p.m. and celebrate the brightest stadium lights in Montana, our outstanding football team and coaches, all our student-athletes, Griz athletics and Griz Nation.

UM's student-athletes need us now, more than ever. As the team wrote, We are MONTANA!


GSA State Board of Directors



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