Griz Tailgates

Home Tailgates
At each home Griz Football game, the Grizzly Scholarship Association (GSA) hosts a tailgate sponsored by Summit Beverage. The tailgate runs two (2) hours prior to kickoff and for approximately 15 minutes at halftime. A wide variety of alcoholic beverages are available to purchase for $4 (16 oz) each. Also available to purchase in the GSA tailgate area is food, soda and water.

The tailgate is located northwest of the stadium, outside of the North End Zone, directly across from the Campus Recreation building. The live pre-game radio show is broadcast from the GSA Tailgate and there is also live music or a DJ at each tailgate.

This tailgate is open to the public!

Away Tailgates
The GSA hosts a tailgate at most Griz road games. Typically there is food and beverage available to purchase at each tailgate. More information about away game tailgates can be found at during football season or by calling 406.243.5405. These tailgates are open to the public.
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