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The purpose of The University of Montana's Grizzly Athletics Hall of Fame is to pay tribute to and give lasting recognition to those individuals and teams who have made exceptional contributions and brought recognition, honor, and distinction to The University of Montana in the field of Intercollegiate athletics and who have continued to demonstrate in their lives the values imparted by their experience.


A. Membership

  1. The Committee will consist of a minimum of eight (8) members, all of whom shall be appointed by the Director of Athletics.
  2. Each member of the committee will serve for a period of 3 years. At the conclusion of their term,members will be eligible to be reappointed by the Athletic Director to another 3 year term. No at- large members shall serve more than six (6) years.
  3. The chairperson shall be appointed by the Athletic Director.
  4. The Sports Information Director will always be a voting member of the committee as will theDirector of Athletics. Another member of the UM Athletics staff may be appointed as the liaison between the Athletic Department and the committee members. He/she will be responsible for accepting nominations, calling meetings and planning for receptions and installment banquets. 

B. Nominations
Nominations shall be received by the Hall of Fame Chairperson, the Athletic Director or the Sports Information Director no later than February 1st of the current year. All nominations after that date will be considered the following year. Nominations forms are available at the UM Athletics web site at, or by contacting UM Athletics at (406) 243-5348. Nominations can also be sent to Dave Guffey, Hall of Fame Committee Liaison, John Hoyt Athletic Complex, 32 Campus Drive, The University of Montana, Missoula, Montana 59812.

C. Meetings

All meetings will be scheduled as needed through the Athletic Director or his/her designee. The  first meeting of the Hall of Fame Committee will take place in early February of each year. At that meeting, there will be a vote by  the committee to reduce the nominee list to a working number that will appear on the official sealed ballot. The same format will be used as that described in section D, voting, except the point total needed to remain on the ballot shall be 60% instead of 66%.

D. Voting

A sealed ballot vote will take place prior to March 1st. Each committee member will have five votes on the official ballot, with distribution on a 5-4-3-2-1 basis, with the most deserving nominee receiving five points, the second four points, and so forth. Each voting member will have a ballot total worth 15 points. For induction into the Hall of Fame, candidates must receive points totaling at least 66% of the number of points available by voting members. For example, if there are nine voting members, multiplied by a maximum vote of 5 (top score available), there would be 45 possible points. To be inducted, candidates would have to secure a minimum of 30 points, or two-thirds of the total points available. Candidates receiving less than 10 points accumulated over a five year period will be removed from the nomination list.

Nominee(s) must receive at least 66% of the votes to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, with the Director of Athletics serving as the tie-breaking vote, when applicable. All committee members must vote via sealed ballot. All proposed inductees will be presented to the Athletic Director who will, in turn, present them to The University of Montana President for approval.

E. Awards

Each year, a Grizzly Athletics Hall of Fame banquet will be held to honor and recognize current inductees. If no candidate receives the required two-thirds majority vote to qualify, a Hall of Fame social coupled with a Grizzly football game-time introduction will take place to recognize these former inductees.

F. Athlete Criteria

The following criteria will be used in determining the eligibility of the nominee:

  • Must have competed a minimum of two (2) years and completed their athletic career at The University of Montana.   
  • Must have been out of school at least ten (10) years after completing their eligibility.   
  • Must have had a distinguished athletic career as evidenced by individual honors, i.e. All - American, First Team All-Conference, recipient of Grizzly Cup Award, etc.   
  • Career following attendance at The University of Montana also to be considered, i.e. Olympic competition, professional career, and public service.             
  • Academic standards, including undergraduate and post-graduate attainment, although not a required criteria, are a significant barometer in the selection process.

G. Team Criteria
The following criteria will be factors in determining the eligibility of a team:

  • A team may be nominated for induction based on extraordinary accomplishments, i.e. NCAA Championship or post-season performance. 
  • The selected  team will be recognized at the Grizzly Athletics Hall of Fame induction banquet.             
  • National Championship teams are automatic selections into the Grizzly Athletics Hall of Fame after the mandatory ten year waiting period.

Hall of Fame Committee Members:
Joy Anderson-Kendall, Cheri Bratt-Roberts, Dave Guffey, Steve Hackney, Mick Hanson, Eric Hays, Gary Hughes, Kent Haslam, Robin Peters, Ty Robinson

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