Monte selected to Mascot Challenge team

This year you can support Monte in three different ways.

This year you can support Monte in three different ways.

Aug 29, 2013

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For the sixth time, the University of Montana mascot, Monte, has earned a spot on the Mascot Challenge team. Joining Monte on the team are fifteen other mascots from around the country who will compete to earn the title of National Mascot of the Year.

The competition will consist of a 12 week regular season where each mascot will go head-to-head with another mascot each week. The mascots will try to defeat their weekly opponent by scoring more points than their furry opposition. At the end of the 12 weeks the eight mascots with the best win-loss records will be seeded into a three week playoff round. The National Mascot of the Year will be announced on January 1, 2014.

Of course the main reason why Monte has enjoyed such success in this competition in the past (he was named National Mascot of the Year in 2002 and 2004) is because of the tremendous support from Griz Nation. While most of the other mascots enjoy much larger populations at their universities, cities, and states, the passion and mania of the Griz faithful has aided Monte in voting success.

Although this year, it is not all about voting.

In a contest design that should favor a passionate fan base like Griz Nation, the competition this year is point-based depending on a "challenge" system. Fans can score points for Monte by completing three different tasks. Here are the different point levels that are attainable and what you need to do to achieve them:

Earn 1 Point: Vote Vote Vote. You know the drill, sit at your computer or hold your smart phone and vote for Monte as many times as you possibly can. You must vote here.

Earn 25 Points: Each week a challenge will be posted that fans can complete by writing something creative about Monte. For example, this week's challenge is to write a cheerleader-style cheer for Monte and submit to Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #CapitalOneMonte. Each week you can view the challenge here.

Earn 100 Points: To earn maximum points, fans must do something extraordinary to prove their devotion for Monte. Usually it will build off the 25 point challenge. For example, this week's challenge is to record and perform the cheerleader-style cheer for Monte in public. These challenges can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and the hashtag #CapitalOneMonte must be used. Each week you can view the challenge here.

Monte needs you! The bear asks that you be creative, be passionate, and be committed throughout the whole Mascot Challenge competition. While outsiders might count Monte out purely on population numbers and geographic influence they greatly underestimate the factor that will carry #00 deep into the competition...the spirit of Griz Nation. Now go score some points for Monte!

Click here to go to the competition website.

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