Lindsay Honors Banquet recognizes 146 student-athletes

April 20, 2012

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With the Montana women's tennis team competing Saturday at the Big Sky Conference tournament at Gold River, Calif., sophomore Maddy Murray would have been prudent to sit at a table nearer the front of the room at Wednesday night's 20th annual Robert O. Lindsay Scholar-Athlete Honors Banquet at the University Center. It would have saved some wear and tear on her legs.

Murray, of Dallas, Texas, twice went up to collect scholarships for the 2012-13 academic year, and, with a 4.0 grade point average, she also was one of five men's and women's winners of the President's Award for having the Department of Athletics' highest GPA for the spring 2011 and fall 2011 semesters.

An impressive collection of 146 Montana student-athletes were treated to dinner in recognition of having cumulative GPAs of 3.0 or better (complete list below).

Senior Nicole Ennen of the track and field team and sophomore Mary Makris of the soccer team shared the women's President's Award with Murray. All three had perfect GPAs the previous two semesters and all three have perfect 4.0 cumulative GPAs for their collegiate careers.

Ennen's steady academic performance is especially notable. The Big Sky's top-ranked discus thrower has clicked off seven straight 4.0 semesters as a student-athlete at Montana.

The men's winners of the President's Award for the 2011 spring and fall semesters were Derek Crittenden and Shay Smithwick-Hann of the Griz football team. Both have 4.0 cumulative GPAs.

The women's cross country team claimed the Director of Athletics' Award for the fifth time in the award's 20-year history. Coach Courtney Babcock's crew posted a 3.55 team GPA last spring, then set a department record with its jaw-dropping 3.81 GPA last fall.

But it was Murray who had more dais time than anyone other than UM president Royce Engstrom and interim director of athletics Jean Gee.

Murray won one of three Shaun and Mary Ann Corette Athletic Scholarships, one of which is specified to go to a deserving men's or women's tennis player. She also took home the Blaine Murray/Copper Connection Scholarship, which goes to the female student-athlete with the highest GPA (and is eligible for a scholarship in 2012-13).

Those were on top of the President's Award, which carries with it the prestige the name implies.

When asked about her academic success, Murray answered with a succinct, hard-to-argue, two-sentence explanation: "I've had a 4.0 since high school. I don't see any need to change it."

On the court Murray has gone 14-5 during the spring duals season, 22-7 dating back to last fall's tournament schedule. She went 7-1 during the Grizzlies' spring Big Sky Conference matches, a season that ended with Montana finishing third in the league at 5-2 leading into this weekend's tournament.

Repeating what 145 other student-athletes at the banquet would have likely said, Murray pointed after Wednesday's ceremonies to how productive she needs to be with her time to succeed both athletically and academically.

"Combining both has really made me be productive in my time management," she said. "I don't waste time, because I don't have any to waste."

Murray is a mathematics major who will be doubling up by adding a computer science major to her plate next semester.

"I honestly don't see (a 4.0 for my entire academic career) happening because I'm going to be taking a lot more credits in harder classes, all at one time," she said. "I think I can maintain a high GPA, but I don't know if I'll be able to keep a 4.0.

"It's more important to me to get a worthwhile degree with a little lower GPA than an easier degree with a higher GPA. Switching to both math and computer science should give me some skills that I can use to get a job after college."

2012-13 endowed scholarship award recipients

'54 Football Scholarship
Zack Wagenmann (football)

Harriet Anderson Memorial Athletic Scholarship
Kellie Cole (basketball)

Frank Bessac Memorial Athletic Scholarship
Anika Green (track and field)

Ronald E. & Julia Blake Memorial Scholarship
Brooke Bray (volleyball)
Michael Facey (tennis)
Nate Harris (football)
Ashley Mackey (tennis)

Erika Camp Memorial Athletic Scholarship
Kenzie De Boer (basketball)

Shaun and Mary Ann Corette Athletic Scholarship
Madeleine Murray (tennis)
Ashley Tombelaine (soccer)
Olivia Weber (golf)

Ian and Nancy Davidson Athletic Scholarship
Shawn Stockton (basketball)

Dean Erhard Athletic Award
Annie Moore (track and field)

Mike & Cathie Frellick Lady Griz Basketball Scholarship
Katie Baker (basketball)

GSA License Plate Scholarship
Maggie Rickman (basketball)
Jordan Tripp (football)

Janet & Michelle Hainline Scholarship
Megan Murphey (volleyball)

Harrington Family Athletic Scholarship
Mikolaj Caruk (tennis)

Warren & Anne Hill Scholarship
Connor Lebsock (football)

Hines Family Golf Scholarship
Tara Green (golf)

Sylvia Jensen Athletic Scholarship
Courtney Kosovich (track and field)

Michael R. Jorgensen Endowment Fund
Josh Harris (football)

John Kolendich Memorial Scholarship
Charles Burton (football)

Ernest L. & Ruth A. Kradolfer Scholarship
Ben DeMarois (tennis)

Douglas LeBrun Track and Field Scholarship
Hannah Swift (track and field)

"M" Club Scholarship
Kristen Hoon (soccer)
Bo Tully (football)

Katherine Markette/John Schuler Scholarship
Haley Vining (basketball)

Markovich Family Athletic Scholarship
Peter Nguyen (football)
Kayla Reno (volleyball)

Frank W. Milburn Scholarship
Lauren Costa (soccer)

The Charles "Chawky" and Helen Miller Memorial Athletic Scholarship
Ben Hughes (football)

"Moose" Miller Football Scholarship
Shay Smithwick-Hann (football)

Lefty Monson Family Men's Basketball Scholarship
Will Cherry (basketball)

Elaine Murray/Copper Connection Scholarship
Madeleine Murray (tennis)

Frank Nugent Memorial Scholarship
Kellee Glaus (track and field)

John L. Olson Family Scholarship
Greg Hardy (football)

Mike & Sandy Persha Athletic Scholarship
Jordan Sullivan (basketball)

Naseby Rhinehart Scholarship
Keron DeShields (basketball)
Kareem Jamar (basketball)
Capri Richardson (volleyball)
Sam Willis (track and field)

William "Biff" Hall Scholarship
Heather Davidson (tennis)

Bruce E. Blattner Memorial Scholarship
Britta Hjalmarsson (soccer)

Lawrence "Bugs" Dwyer Memorial Scholarship
Alyssa Smith (basketball)

Erik Ogren Memorial Scholarship
Jordan Gregory (basketball)

Judy & Dale Schwanke Scholarship
Lauren Howell (golf)
Caleb McSurdy (football)

Brian & Karen Sippy Scholarship
Mathias Ward (basketball)

St. Patrick Hospital Athletic Scholarship
Ty Timmer (football)

B. Tim Stark Memorial Track & Field Scholarship
Keli Dennehy (Track and field)

Larry & Kristin Stayner Family Football Scholarship
John Kanongata'a (football)

Stockman Bank Scholarship
Brock Coyle (football)

Max & Betty Swanson Memorial Scholarship
Stephen Sabin (football)

Lindsay Scholar-Athlete Banquet invitees (* 3.5 or higher cumulative GPA ** 4.0 cumulative GPA)

Men's basketball
Keron DeShields (Fr., political science)
Jordan Gregory * (Fr., undeclared)
Mathias Ward * (Grad., business administration)
Jordan Wood * (Sr., health and human performance)
Morgan Young ** (Fr., business administration)

Women's basketball
Katie Baker (Jr, health and human performance)
Kellie Cole (So., elementary education)
Kenzie DeBoer * (Jr., communication studies)
Hannah Doran ** (Fr., undeclared)
Maggie Rickman (Fr., undeclared)
Alyssa Smith (Jr., health and human performance)
Jordan Sullivan * (So., marketing)
Haley Vining * (Fr., pre-pharmacy)
Tianna Ware (Sr., communication studies)

Men's cross country/track and field
Chase Anderson (Jr., chemistry)
Jordan Collison * (So., health and human performance)
Neil Gebhardt (Fr., health and human performance)
Dylan Hambright (Fr., business administration)
Lee Hardt (Fr., undeclared)
Nick Lichtenstadter (Fr., forestry)
Cody Lund (Sr., wildlife biology)
Mark Messmer * (Fr., health and human performance)
David Norris * (Fr., health and human performance)
Rex Quartarone (Fr., forestry)
Lynn Reynolds (Sr., health and human performance)
Tyler Riggs * (Fr., pre-elementary education)
Tyler Spalding (Fr., health and human performance)
Alex White * (So., health and human performance)
Sam Willis * (Fr., pre-journalism)

Women's cross country/track and field
Gwenn Abbott * (Jr., health and human performance)
Caitlin Caraway (So., health and human performance)
Amelia Carpenter ** (Fr., health and human performance)
Rebekah Collins (Jr., communication studies)
Keli Dennehy * (So., finance)
Nycole Devers * (Jr., sociology)
Katrina Drennen (Sr., elementary education)
Emily Eickholt * (Sr., pharmacy)
Nicole Ennen ** (Sr., psychology)
Kellee Glaus * (So., biology)
Asia Graham (Sr., communication studies)
Anika Green (Jr., accounting)
Ani Haas * (So., health and human performance)
Melissa Jenkins * (Sr., biology)
Courtney Kosovich (Sr., health and human performance)
McKenzie Luth (So., psychology)
Mariah Meyer * (Fr., biology)
Annie Moore * (So., English)
Allie Parks * (Fr., environmental studies)
Kesslee Payne (Sr., health and human performance)
Kiandra Rajala * (Sr., recreation management)
Cara Saxon * (So., health and human performance)
Brittany Schroeder (Jr., health and human performance)
Hannah Swift * (Fr., management)
Autumn Taniguchi * (Fr., sociology)
Carly Wilczynski * (Fr., pre-elementary education)
Madison Worst * (Fr., undeclared)

Robert Alt * (Sr., sociology)
Kevin Berland (So., undeclared)
Brock Coyle (Jr., management)
Derek Crittenden ** (So., undeclared)
Adam DeBruycker (Fr., athletic training)
Ray DeBruycker * (Sr., elementary education)
Jacob Elder (Fr., sociology)
Ryan Fetherston (Sr., political science/history)
Sam Gratton (Jr., marketing)
Zach Gratton * (Fr., undeclared)
Gavin Hagfors (Fr., undeclared)
Josh Harris * (Jr., sociology)
Nate Harris * (Fr., undeclared)
Jordan Hines * (So., undeclared)
Ben Hughes * (Sr., health and human performance)
John Kanongata'a (So., business administration)
Brett Kirschner (So., undeclared)
Dan Kistler (So., sociology)
Connor Lebsock (Fr., business administration)
Chris Lider * (Fr., business administration)
Kelsey Lippert (So., sociology)
Brandon Maguire (Jr., sociology)
Brian Maus * (So., business administration)
Caleb McSurdy (Sr., communication studies)
David Nguyen (So., accounting)
Peter Nguyen (Jr., management)
Clay Pierson (Jr., history)
Eric Pitassi (Fr., business administration)
Trevor Rehm * (So., management information systems)
Aschan Richards (Fr., pre-media arts)
Jonathan Richards * (Fr., undeclared)
Aaron Roberts * (Jr., finance)
Steven Rominger (Jr., sociology)
Alex Shaw (Sr., finance)
Stephen Shaw (Fr., political science)
Shay Smithwick-Hann ** (So., finance)
Ty Timmer * (Jr., biology)
Jordan Tripp (Jr., management)
Bo Tully * (So., marketing)
Zackary Wagenmann (So., health and human performance)
Bryan Waldhauser * (Grad., business administration)
Camden Warren * (Jr., accounting)

Women's golf
Tara Green (Fr., pre-elementary education)
Ashli Helstrom * (Sr., management information systems)
Olivia Weber * (Jr., philosophy)

Women's soccer
Tyler Adair * (Fr., undeclared)
Stephanie Carl (So., health and human performance)
Kelsey Carlson (Fr., pre-English)
Lauren Costa * (Jr., accounting)
Charlotte Dugoni * (Jr., media arts)
Maddey Frey * (So., mathematics)
Britta Hjalmarsson * (So., biology)
Kristen Hoon (Jr., biology)
Ciara Kremer (Jr., biology)
Shannon Lindsay (Fr., undeclared)
Mary Makris ** (So., marketing)
Lauren McCreath (Jr., biology)
Brooke Moody ** (Fr., health and human performance)
Alyssa Nystrom * (Jr., pharmacy)
Maddie Simmel (So., health and human performance)
Allie Simon ** (Fr., undeclared)
Ashley Tombelaine * (Jr., mathematics)
Courtney Watson (So., elementary education)
Paytyn Wheeler * (Fr., biology)
Kate Wilkins (Sr., marketing)

Men's tennis
Eric Braun * (So., management information systems)
Mikolaj Caruk * (So., health and human performance)
Ben DeMarois * (Grad., accounting)
Michael Facey (Jr., accounting)
Timo Gehrke (Sr., management)
Sam Jankovich (Fr., business administration)
Carl Kuschke * (Sr., finance)
Andreas Luczak * (Fr., economics)
Ethan Vaughn * (So., history)

Women's tennis
Heather Davidson * (Jr., marketing)
Lauren Gibson * (Sr., political science)
Ashley Mackey (So., undeclared)
Madeleine Murray ** (So., mathematics)
Laurence Pelchat * (Fr., business administration)

Women's volleyball
Paige Branstiter (Jr., health and human performance)
Brooke Bray * (So., psychology)
Kortney James (So., biology)
Natalie Jones (So., athletic training)
Samantha Maas * (So., anthropology)
Kaitlyn Molloy (Fr., health and human performance)
Megan Murphey * (So., biology)
Brittany Quick * (Sr., communication studies)
Kayla Reno * (So., sociology)
Capri Richardson * (Fr., psychology)
Amy Roberts * (Sr., math education)

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