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Completed in the fall of 1999, the newly-remodeled Rhinehart Athletic Training Center boasts 7,200 square feet of space and includes an enlarged rehabilitation area. Also included are athletic trainers' offices, six hydrotherapy units and a consulting office where nutritionists and doctors can meet with athletes. There are also classrooms for the athletic training curriculum.

The RATC provides numerous ways to treat injuries: electrical stimulation units, whirlpools, free weights and balance boards. The primary goal of the athletic training staff is to provide quality care for student-athletes while helping them safely return to competition.

When a student-athlete is injured, an athletic trainer evaluates the severity of the injury and renders whatever care is needed. Depending on the extent of the injury, the student-athlete visits the center daily, at least two to three times, for treatment and rehabilitation exercises. The athletic training staff works together with the Athletic Performance staff to monitor the student-athlete's strengthening exercises. Once student-athletes have regained strength and function, they are allowed to return to the playing field or court.

Although athletic trainers provide injury care, they also promote injury prevention. Preventative maintenance occurs in the form of injury-screening processes, flexibility, taping and strengthening exercises.

Montana has a well-established athletic training curriculum which allows instructors to work directly with the student-athletes.

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About Naseby "Doc" Rhinehart

Naseby "Doc" Rhinehart came to Missoula in 1931 from Milwaukee, Wis., to play football and basketball. He also competed in track and field where he had bests of 23 feet in the long jump and 140 feet in the discus.

After graduating in 1935 from The University of Montana, Rhinehart was asked if he was interested in becoming the UM head certified athletic trainer. He did and stayed at the University for 47 years, retiring in 1982. He was one of the first people in the nation to develop an athletic training curriculum (1971) at a university.

Naseby was UM's beloved trainer for more than 47 years. He passed away June 11, 1991 at the age of 80.

Montana's athletic training room was named in Naseby's honor in 1993.

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