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As part of the recent renovation to the Adams Center, a 7,000-square foot Athletic Performance Center was created. The current facility is approximately twice as large as the previous weight room used in the Adams Center over the years.

The new center, which is home to the Griz student-athletes, is geared to enhance the overall athletic performance of the teams. The Athletic Performance Center staff designs, implements and evaluates strength and conditioning programs for all Grizzly athletes.

Sport-specific weight training, coupled with movement-specific conditioning results in a greater overall training effect that transfers to the court during the season. Lifting is also a focus during the season. The student-athletes focus on several core lifts to maintain their strength levels during the long and grueling season.


The University of Montana's Athletic Performance Center was renovated during the 1998-99 academic year.

Now approximately twice as large, the Athletic Performance Center features numerous free-weight stations and several weight-training machines.

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