Griz by the Numbers: Washington-Grizzly Stadium concessions

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Spectators around the world agree, sports and food go hand in hand. Super Bowl Sunday is the busiest day of the year for Pizza Hut. Buffalo Wild Wings has developed an entire nationwide restaurant chain based on their motto of "Wings. Beer. Sports."

In-stadium fares are growing ever more diverse, no longer is it just a hot dog and pretzel. At Grizzly games you can get a Pizza Hut pizza, a bag of gourmet kettle corn and something called a walking taco. There are even vegetarian options, though from the numbers it doesn't look like Griz fans are big on eating healthy. Luckily for our waistlines football season doesn't last all year long.

The folks at UM Concessions are the ones behind the scenes that make sure there is a Coke and a box of Milk Duds waiting for you at Washington-Grizzly Stadium. There are several full-time employees that spend the entire year preparing for six Saturdays in the fall.

Here are some tasty numbers from the 2011 Grizzly football season.


8 home games

32 approximate hours concessions were open

726,800 fluid ounces of fountain soda

8,866,960 calories contained in 726,800 ounces of Coca-Cola Classic.* It would take a single person nine years, eight months and 15 days of the recommended daily value of 2,500 calories to match that number.

20,367 bottles of water

16,053 cups of hot cocoa

11,331 candies

9,972 Griz Dogs

5,151 Polish Dogs

2,396 soft pretzels with cheese

1,669 orders of nachos

1,150 bags of kettle corn

20 Veggie Bratwursts

Source: UM Concessions


Update: The last "Griz by the Numbers" post included a note that former Griz player Donny Lisowski was invited to the Seahawks' camp on a tryout basis. He impressed head coach Pete Carroll and Monday signed a three-year free-agent deal.



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