Winning and losing with class

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Woe is me - John Hoyt Field at Washington Grizzly Stadium will be empty on that traditional Montana football day, the Saturday after thanksgiving.


But wait, with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head, I won't be able to pack away the football gear and move inside to the warm confines of Dahlberg Arena because the slipper fit, the search for the Golden Fleece reached fruition and the Grizzlies live to play another day.


And I have to say without qualification that it was just fine remaining in Bozeman after the Griz handily defeated the nation's No. 1 team last week.


There was just a single isolated incident where an adoring Bobcat fan wanted to share with me what he thought about the Grizzlies but wait, maybe he was talking about that team in Memphis.


There was a sparse showing of Grizzly Maroon around town but for the most part the night was more about enjoying friendship than statewide superiority.


My Bobcat buddy Rusty from Ronan and his significant other, Melissa, trucked me around to a few spots that vary little from Missoula establishments on a Saturday night after a home football game.


But what I enjoyed most was MSU assistant athletic director and sports info guru Bill Lamberty, who was so gracious as to come into the radio booth and shake hands and congratulate Montana on its victory.


I have dear friends in athletics in Bozeman and they are nothing but class individuals who are as disappointed as I am after a loss and hopefully as gracious as I am after a win.


Yes, it was a grand day for us in Griz Nation and a sheer disappointment for Montana State which to that point had run the league table to rise to the top of the national standings.


But in celebrating this year's accomplishments, let's remember football is a game that serves as a slight escape from the rigors of our lives and it's also supposed to be fun.


While emotion no doubt played a part in Saturday's outcome when it's all said and done, we're all just Montanans who hopefully know how to value what is important in our lives.


And isn't it amazing that now both teams still have everything right in front of them?

Let's just see if we can make that road to Frisco, Texas travel through Missoula.

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