Griz in the Community

Dear Community Member,

On behalf of the student-athletes, coaches and staff, we would like to thank you for your interest in The University of Montana Athletics. We believe it is important to be invested in our great community and look forward to working with you on your request. Please note that any event that is scheduled for a student-athlete must have a beneficial purpose. Student-athletes will not make appearances merely to sign autographs or have their pictures taken.

The University of Montana student-athletes volunteer annually to support various organizations, community events and educational activities. We appreciate your interest, support, and request for student-athletes. In order to accommodate the many requests we receive, we ask that you keep in mind the following guidelines when requesting for your event:

• EVENT DISTANCE: Student-athletes are limited to a 30-mile radius drive from the University to the event location.
• APPERANCE DURATION: Appearances cannot last more than two hours.
• Athletics teams and individuals representing the Department of Athletics may not be responsible for the administration, management or collection of any funds.
• Student-athletes may not be personally asked to participate in these events, as it could compromise the student athlete's eligibility under NCAA rules; all requests will be filtered through our Compliance Office.
• Student-athletes may not make appearances at private parties or events (i.e., birthday parties, etc.)
• Student-athlete appearances are fulfilled based on availability. No student may miss academic or athletic responsibilities to participate in an appearance or community event.
• Specific student-athletes cannot be requested.
• Standing requests will not be processed; organizations will be limited to two requests per academic year.
• BLACK OUT DATES: Due to the final examinations schedule, requests will not be processed and student-athletes will not be available during the first two weeks of December and May. Due to limited availability, requests may not be processed during Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, Spring Break, Summer Vacation, and University observed holidays.
• Even if your event has been approved in the past, a new request must be submitted each time.

**If you feel that your event has special circumstances that fall outside of the above parameters please continue to the form below and provide the appropriate information and justification in the comment box.

The University of Montana Intercollegiate Athletic Department reserves the right to refuse any appearance, in its sole discretion.

Finally, please allow up to 3 weeks prior to your event date for your request to be processed. We appreciate your assistance and wish you the best of luck with your event.

Go Griz!

To fill out the online form to request a student-athlete appearance, click here.

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