Life Skills


The purpose of GrizLife is to provide opportunities that will encourage personal commitment to the university experience and enhance the quality of life at the University of Montana and beyond.

GrizLife is based upon the tenets of NCAA Student-Athlete Affairs, which provides life skills support emphasizing a commitment to the following areas of excellence:

  • Academic
  • Athletic
  • Personal Development
  • Career Development
  • Community Service

We value and appreciate the hard work and commitment that the Griz student-athletes put in to both their athletic and academic endeavors. Our department focuses on the total development of our student-athletes and recognizes their evolving needs.

GrizLife aims to provide dynamic and impactful programs to cultivate and empower student-athletes to be positive influencers in their community and to help them reach their full potential. We believe that through involvement and education, Griz student-athletes will build character, integrity, and leadership skills to ensure success in both their college careers and lives after sport. Student-athletes will leave the University of Montana with invaluable knowledge and experience that will allow them to enter the professional world with poise, conviction, and a drive to succeed.


The purpose of the GrizLife program is to provide opportunities that will encourage personal investment in and enhance the quality of the student-athlete experience at the University of Montana. Each academic year we exemplify the commitment of Griz student-athletes in each of the following areas:    


  • Academic Recognition Night
  • Degree Completion Scholarships
  • EDU 162 course – NCAA Student-Athlete Experience
  • Free Mentoring
  • Free Tutoring
  • Graduation Reception
  • Mid-Term Grade Checks
  • Orientation
  • Priority Registration
  • Scholar Athlete Awards
  • Summer School Financial Aid
  • Team Study Tables
  • Travel Letters


  • 15 NCAA Division I Athletic Teams
  • Griz S.C.A.P.E.
    • Sports Nutrition
    • Sport Counseling
    • Performance Enhancement

Personal Development

  • New Student-Athlete Workshop
  • Student-Athlete Advisory Committee---SAAC
  • Dietician
  • Guest Speakers
  • Referrals to Campus Resources
    • Curry Health Center and Counseling and Psychological Services
    • Foreign Student and Scholar Services
    • American Indian Student Services
    • Disability Student Services
    • Minority Mentor
  • Big Sky and NCAA programs

Career Development

  • Workshops and events
  • EDU 162 course – NCAA Student-Athlete Experience
  • Internship and employment referrals
  • Partnerships with Career Athletes and the University of Montana Career Center, Internship Services


  • Griz in the Community
  • Goal of 100% team participation
  • Outreach events hosted by teams, SAAC, and the Athletics Department

We believe in providing a balanced experience for the student-athlete with the university community and surrounding Missoula community.  Providing a network and environment that supports and develops responsible decision making, the process of self-discovery, and independence.  We value an environment where our athletes are provided with proactive programming and we, as a department, have continuous evaluation and support of our Life Skills Program.

For more information please contact the Life Skills Coordinator Lindsey Goodman, at (406) 243-2657 or at

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